Audition 2021 — Finally Finished & Behind The Scenes

I. Behind-The-Scenes of the Black One Audition Team

This is how our audition backend looks:

Green marking means interesting/potential. Yellow means the aforementioned potential late callback. Grey is unsuccessful. Purple means file was not accessible/missing/erased. Statistically about 1 out 100 is a green and 3–5 yellow and 3–5 are purple. This time out of the thousands we had quite a lot of green and yellows meaning the quality of auditions got even better but also competition fiercer.
Some of the people out of this audition that we would like to get to know a bit better. Check your email inbox. This is to show: yes people exist who get into the next round and also into the challenges. And to give you a feeling, this list still goes on and more than 10 this time were straight away green. Plus a few of the yellow (which is many more) might be also contacted later.

II. Some Interesting Insights and Funny Incidents

Some very “exotic”, far-away, and uncommon locations (showing how global this audition was): Las Vegas, Berlin (USA), Pristina (Kosovo), Guatemala City, Lima (Peru), Mexico City, Mumbai, Brunei, London, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Cairo, Grand Cayman Islands, Nepal, Milan, Tehran, Marrakech (Marroco), Barbados, Pretoria (South Africa), Mauritius, Israel, Moldova, Kingston (Jamaica), Costa Rica, Cyprus, Hot Springs Arkansas (USA)

Upside down but pretty T-Shirt :)
Cool, all these instruments and jazzing with the Saxophone.
Some people with “art skills” / cool song cover

Lots of living rooms from all around the world (we have seen many many hundreds by now:):

Big sofas :)
The christmas decoration on the door also cool :)
Great location with great weather and the barbecue grill *envy*

III. Common Questions & Answers

Have you “really “ watched all submissions? — Yes, it’s in our interest to find the best (matching) talent. But beware checking the submission doesn’t mean that we’re going to watch long playlists of videos (unless we’re interested). It’s also important to mention that all data stays confidential and isn’t shared with third parties.



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