A deeper look at our new brand, casting tour, and the future.

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. ― Lao Tzu

Meet Black One 2.0

We know many of your reading this were eagerly awaiting some new official news of Black One. Well, here we are. Let’s look at some of the profound changes we’ve made and what’s coming in the next 24 months.

Let’s start with the most obvious: our new brand and website.

Black One 2.0

I. The starter

One to two paragraphs per answer

Who are you, and what do you at Black One?

My name is Sungmin Kim, and I joined Black One as their CXO in 2020. I was born in Seoul, South Korea, and moved to Berlin last summer. Based on my experience with K-POP, which has changed rapidly and is the most progressive in the music industry over the past 20 years, I am in charge of designing the creative system along with brand experience.

What is your personal and professional background?

I see myself as an inventor because I’ve defined my role as such since 1989, reminding myself about it always. I’ve been entitled to various job titles at the…

Let’s make some things clear, manage expectations, and avoid extra work for all. An honest no-bullshit guide.

Photo by Daniel Mingook Kim

We are very thankful for all the applications we get, but this has gone to an extreme and we feel we need to make some things clear and give some pointers that will help everyone involved and interested.

First off let’s give you some perspective, on average we get 5–10 applications/day from designers, videographers, marketing, and business talent, and in the range of 300–400 / month and more than 4.000 per year. To be honest, we have almost lost track here, and if your application is not standing out immediately it will never be answered.

Interestingly, adding to this effect…

If you are interested in making it into our Trainee = Building Track, this will answer ALL your questions. Last Update: February 2020

The evolution from trainee to performing artist

See visually what potentially awaits you!

This is just a visual display of what awaits if you have more questions read the Trainee FAQ (Best-Of) and/or ask your question on Tellonym. We only answer questions there, because it benefits everyone. Questions via Email will be not answered.

1. The Audition

Get to know our team better. Next up, Maxim Boelter.

I. The starter

One to two paragraphs per answer.

Who are you and what do you at Black One?

I’m Maxim — co-founder and CCO at Black One. I was born in 97, my girlfriend tells me I’m very “Capricorn-y”, and I enjoy long walks on the beach (kidding, I hate hot sand).

At Black One, I oversee our creative output (content, products, etc.) and ensure that both creators, as well as our customers, experience the value they desire. An additional task is reviewing and evaluating various creatives that want to work at our company. …

Get to know our team better. First up, Klaus Wilch.

Also next up the Founder Interview (Video Release), where lots of tough “business questions” will be asked.

I. The starter

One to two paragraphs per answer

Who are you and what do you at Black One?

My name is Klaus and I am co-founder and CEO here at Black One. I was born in 88 (age 31), in January, am an Aquarius and a dragon by the Chinese zodiac. :)

At Black One I am in charge of the overall strategy, operations and together with my co-founder Maxim Boelter in charge of “executive production”, meaning bringing together all needed resources, creatives, and talent…

Black One is the first modern entertainment company in the West.

So far, these companies have primarily existed in Asia and South Korea. Well, Black One is here to change that.

The mission is clear: we want to build the next generation of groundbreaking idols. And with that, we’re building one exciting entertainment ecosystem.

Thankfully, this fresh approach is drawing thousands of applications from all over the world. But not just talent, many talented creatives in the fields of design, video, music, photography, etc. are all competing to be part of our ecosystem.

This is why we’re proud to share…

It’s broken and we need to fix it.

There’s always some nonsense going on in the music industry.

Whether it’s the latest artist drama or someone’s subpar album release.

Yet, regardless of what you think you know…it’s probably only scratching the surface of the industry’s problems.

Here are 5 surprising facts that you would usually only experience as an artist.

1. Record deals are money drains

What is true innovation?

For most people, once “innovation” is uttered they think technology. Yet, innovation by its very nature is so much more than just “technology.“

How should we define it then?

Let’s define innovation as the application of new, creative solutions that meet unarticulated needs, existing market needs, or new market requirements.

Now innovation can be applied to all industries across all levels of development and production. In fact, innovation can occur along five main paths within a business: customer experience, product, technical, services, and business model.

The more paths that innovation occurs on, the more disruptive it…

Black One Entertainment

We're on the mission to create the ultimate one-stop platform and creative playground for our artists.

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